At Holly Maclean we have a passion for creating beautiful products that do good. This is why 10% of all profits will be donated to the Cambodian charity, School On A Mat.


School on a Mat currently runs in 12 villages and directly impacts over 480 children in Poipet, Cambodia.


The town of Poipet sits on the Cambodia/Thai border and is a popular gambling destination for Thai tourists.  In between the Cambodian and Thai passport control offices, a strip of casinos and hotels sits between the two borders. Thai citizens are therefore permitted to leave Thailand without officially entering Cambodia.  This borderless town has become a key transit point for human trafficking.


An estimated 80% of children trafficked from Cambodia pass through the main street of Poipet en-route to their destination. Many of these children are trafficked into Thailand for slave labor, prostitution, drug smuggling and other horrible crimes.


School on a Mat provides an opportunity to counter this risk by providing a safe and free, quality education for children in Poipet.  Alongside their studies, the children are taught about the dangers of human trafficking and are given the opportunity to learn skills that will allow them to break out from the cycle of poverty.


£4,906 is required for School on a Mat to run in one village, for one year.


If you would like more information on this charity please visit their website.